What’s it like to have Laser Focus Coaching on your side?

Business and leadership coaching and training for possibility thinkers.

Whether you are an entrepreneur building a business from the ground up, a dedicated professional moving up the ladder, or an experienced leader ready to take it to the next level, our message is simple.

Don’t be afraid of heights.

Some people are afraid of failure. We think people are afraid of heights…of soaring high, of hitting a plateau, or of bottoming out. To you, we say, fear is wasted energy. Wasted opportunity.

Look up.

The possibilities are infinite. You can exceed your wildest expectations in business and in life.

And, we will support you.

At Laser Focus Coaching, we partner with possibility thinkers, like you, to create a clear vision, to develop strategies to achieve it, and, ultimately, to experience prosperity and balance.
We deliver on this promise through our exclusive and integrated coaching and training programs. Our Platinum twelve-month program laser-focuses on increasing profits, moral, and market share. If you are ready to reach remarkable heights now, call us today (207.318.9940) or e-mail our support team at info@laserfocuscoaching.com to see if you qualify.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


Thank You Gary Fournier Manager at Lucas Tree Experts, Portland, ME

Thank you for your most informative presentation today to our management team. I will certainly be able to implement into my management style many of the items we discussed. You are very good at what you do and also know how to have a little fun with it.

Thanks again, Gary


Thank you Eric, from H&D Title!

Conversation with Eric of H&D Title from Sandy Bonney on Vimeo.



“If you are running a business, you need a business Coach. If you want the best coach, I’ve had several….and by far the best coach I’ve had is Sandy.”

~Dr. Clint Steele of Pay it Forward x1Million Project (3/2513)


I’m finding the course, the reading and the discussion very helpful already – talk about instant gratification! I actually found myself talking with the other Michelle in our office about a problem she was working through this morning – and using tools and tips we talked about yesterday and applying them to the way she and I were interacting, given our personalities and topic of discussion. The best part? The stuff we’re learning, discussing about business and our roles carries over into the personal. It is, as they say, ALL GOOD!

~Michelle  (12/5/2012)


Lisa Clement, Positivity Institute:

“What Sandy really did through coaching was allow me to first find what my true passion was…she gave me clarity on developing that focus.”

LisaClement from Sandy Bonney on Vimeo.


We asked Jacqueline Griffeth to share some of the highlights of her coaching sessions with Sandy Bonney:

Jacque from Sandy Bonney on Vimeo.

Jacqueline Griffeth, Office Manager
Arthur Gary School of Real Estate