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Game On World

Are you embracing social media with open arms? We know that one of the ways to connect with our customers and clients is through social media. It has to be part of the way we do business. We have to

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Connecting B2B

How Small Business Owners Connect & Grow Their Business Social Media is no longer optional. Social Media is changing how we communicate, blurring the lines between marketing, public relations, advertising, and internal communications. A growing number of B2B companies are

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The Roll of The Coach

Often we are asked, “What exactly is a Business Coach?” Well, we’re so glad you asked! A business coach works closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and dedicated professionals, to guide them through all of life’s challenges. It is our hope

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A Servant Leader

This blog is dedicated to Stephen Covey who died Monday, July 16th, 2012. I had been putting off blogging this month and telling my assistant for the last few weeks there is so much around LEADERSHIP and the word today

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Puzzled Coach

Puzzled Coach in Portland, Maine I started my 30 day what to do goal list for Feb and realized I had forgotten to BLOG for January. Life has so many distractions that it’s a miracle we can focus today on

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