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This week we read REWORK, by Jason Fried.  This business book, by the creators of 37 signals, attempts to show you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business. The author’s belief is that you need less than you think to

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On Being Wrong

This week we are reading, Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, by Kathryn Schulz. To err is human. We’ve heard this a million times, right? Yet most of us go through life assuming (or hoping!) that we are right about

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Never Too Small

This week we are reading, Nothing’s Too Small to Make a Difference, by Wanda Urbanska. In the book, Urbanska shares lessons culled from the authors’ move from fast-paced Los Angeles to running a Virginia cherry orchard where she downshifted from a

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Leadership Style Contributes 30%

What type of manager are you? Is your style effective for your team? The best managers consistently allow different leaders to emerge and inspire their teammates (and themselves!) to go to the next level. Most of us know this. But

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Stick With It

This week we are reading Stick with It, by Lee J. Colan Ph. D. and Julie Davis-Colan. I received an autographed copy, given to me last week at the event I went to in Boston. Colan’s passion for what he does comes

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