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Identifying High-Potential Talent in the Workplace

Identifying High-Potential Talent in the Workplace In today’s economic environment, identifying and attracting high-potential employees can give employers an edge on their competition and set up their organizations for future success. Employee Evaluations which includes getting to know your employees

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Pain VS Optimal Performance

Pain VS Optimal Performance  I had an interesting conversation with my son’s orthopedic surgeon today. I concluded that our businesses are very similar in nature. The goal in his business is to move his patients from pain, discomfort and limited strength

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What Your Body Language Says

Do these people look approachable? Do they look like executives? Would you hire them based solely on their appearance? Nonverbal communication, or body language, is a vital form of communication. When we interact with others, we continuously give and receive countless

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Learn to Communicate

I have a question for you. If you had an important matter to discuss with an employee or someone on your team, would you go find them for a face-to-face conversation, would you call them, would you email them, would

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