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Wise Leaders Plan

This past Friday at our Strategic Planning Forum, our attendees learned that strategic planning serves a variety of purposes in organizations. We discussed several phases of planning: the Discovery Phase, the Opportunity Phase, and the Implementation Phase. We know that

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A Servant Leader

This blog is dedicated to Stephen Covey who died Monday, July 16th, 2012. I had been putting off blogging this month and telling my assistant for the last few weeks there is so much around LEADERSHIP and the word today

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Abundant Living

Abundant Living Do your thoughts ramble? Do you ever wonder am I the only one with these thoughts? In and out, in and out? Do you clutter your mind with needless thoughts that only make you feel worse? Do you

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A Decided Heart

When Christopher Columbus begged Queen Isabella I of Castile for funding for his proposed trip of discovery, way back around 1492, it may appear as if he knew exactly where he was going, when he would arrive, and what he

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