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Work Life Balance…it’s a thorny issue

Over the past few months I have been doing a great deal of training, coaching and speaking to a number of associates on the subject of leadership, gender communications and increasing productivity in the workplace. As I listened I began

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Don’t Procrastinate, Percolate!

Change your actions, and results will follow! Do you know what you want to do with your life? Have you found that thing you could do every day and lose track of time because you forget you’re working? Do you

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Transformation The power of the butterfly brings to us is akin to the air. It is the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it. It is the art of the transformation. To use the Monarch

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Connecting B2B

How Small Business Owners Connect & Grow Their Business Social Media is no longer optional. Social Media is changing how we communicate, blurring the lines between marketing, public relations, advertising, and internal communications. A growing number of B2B companies are

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Workplace Health

GETTING YOUR ORGANIZATION ON BOARD Research suggests that for every $1 invested in health promotion, your company can save between $3 to $5 in health and safety cost, such as medical, absenteeism and workplace accidents. In today’s business environment, the

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