Program Overviews

What is your strategy?Our exclusive and integrated coaching and training programs are geared and tailored to your needs, towards what is possible, setting goals, and achieve results. We are fully committed to vision-based coaching–and remember: the vision we support is yours. To realize that vision, you and your team need to engage fully–with each other as well as with us. Commitment underscores everything we do. We encourage you to set the course, but, inevitably, you are in the driver’s seat.

Our Platinum Coaching Program – This program offers eight, 1/2 day forums, complemented by weekly personal coaching sessions. Over the course of the twelve-month program, we meet together at your company location  or utilize our training facility for the 1/2 day forums. We work with you and your team each month to bring a consensus to each department or goals you set in the first forum. Throughout the entire program, you and your teams have full access to our team, by phone or email, and, if necessary, through personal meetings.

Our Gold Program – 30 sessions – This program is  for clients who have an extremely large goal or project. We focus on the core purpose, create effective time management, creativity, and innovation to complete the desired result.

Our Silver Program – 20 sessions – This program is great for clients who want to explore and consider new approaches and get committed to action. Since people are unique and their needs and desires may vary we value that and empower your vision.

Our Bronze Program– 10 sessions – This program is for the client who wants to focus on specific goals. We create ideas on how to achieve those goals. Ex: Goal setting, finding a job or hiring staff.

Our curriculum’s cover a breadth of topics including but not limited to:

  • Vision
  • Leadership and management training
  • Business planning
  • Team building
  • Sales
  • Marketing

You’ll learn about your business, about your management, and about yourself. And we’ll challenge you to think differently about work and life. If you’ve never thought of the workplace as a place of joy and fulfillment, we’ll show you how it to make it just such a place!

You will learn the importance of setting and adhering to fundamental goals, encourage you to laugh more, share the power of team huddles, break through communication stoppers, delve into finances, and so much more. Everything we do will be laser-focused toward achieving goals in the workplace and joy in life.