Coaching Services


Platinum Coaching Program – A Twelve-month, goal-oriented coaching program, group focus, integrated approach. Develop teams strengths, mindset and productivity. By participating in a coaching program coupled with one-on-one mentoring sessions, participants don’t have to “go it alone.” People learn from each other and feel supported. Trust binds them together. And, they gain confidence and courage in knowing they aren’t the only ones “taking the leap of faith” – other people think what they’re doing is important, too.

One-on-One Coaching Program – One-on-one coaching is about helping someone to focus on specific goals and encouraging them to work out how to achieve those goals. These phone sessions provide a safe, confidential environment to explore and consider new approaches, an objective sounding board and accountability to committed actions. Since people are unique and their needs will vary, we are open to customizing a program that is just right for you

90 Day Group Success Program  –  Group coaching is ideal for individuals who want to grow through collaboration with other people with similar goals. It also suits people who seek a high-value, low-cost method of leadership development that forgoes a one-on-one experience for the sake of accessing an enriching group environment. Not only will you receive support by sharing an issue with a group of people who are seeking similar solutions, but coaching in group sessions offers the opportunity to test several approaches and review the results. Space is limited to 4-8 business owners per program.

In-office Evaluation – Is the key to improving production, sales planning and measuring program performance.  Evaluation is also just as useful to determine what doesn’t work in a program and provides information you can use to improve your current effort. We will be observing ways to improve your business and provide you with a platform to work with.

Workshops and Seminars – Workshops and seminars can introduce your staff to a range of new ideas and pique their interest in new disciplines and motivation. By taking part in these types of seminars, company’s brainstorm and implement ideas on what can make the company better now and in the future.

Business Branding – Brand statement lays the foundation for all marketing efforts. Branding is an interactive, guided dialogue centered on connecting people in a deeper, more meaningful way. This process is about engaging participants, uncovering the best of an organization, and uncovering hopes and dreams. Our ultimate purpose is for participants to discover, define, and embrace the organization’s brand. Branding is a challenging task and one that requires special considerations and tactical expertise.

Website Design – The Internet has changed the way companies do business. It has opened many doors for small to medium sized businesses to compete with corporate entities. A decade ago, many small businesses were closing up shop, unable to compete with their larger counterparts. Today, with the right website design coupled with Internet marketing, companies can become more successful and open their products to a wider audience. It’s simple, first impression are important. It’s the first opportunity a consumer gets to make an impression of your company, your product and services.

Social Media – It’s the way the 21st century communicates today. As the prevalence of social media continues to rise, organizations of all types and sizes are recognizing the ways in which social media can help them better understand, respond to, and attract the attention of their target audience.

Business Analysis – We help guide you through mergers, acquisitions and the profitability of the sale for your business. Analyzing a company is to study the company’s history and operation. It is also important to learn how the nature of the business may have changed since its inception.