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Steering by Starlight

This week we are reading Steering by Starlight: Find your Right Life!, by Martha Beck.  We have been working with and training clients this month who are career transition. Imagine yourself after twenty five years  starting to think, why the heck

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Recently I read this article about the power of optimism. We all know that our thoughts are powerful, but I am always amazed when reminded just how powerful they are. This article stood out for me because of a baseball story,

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Seeds of SUCCESS

When you plant abundantly it creates SUCCESS. An empty bank account is a sign of an ineffective effort, would you agree? It is a sign of a missed opportunity. It is a sign of too much procrastination, no strategic plan,

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Chester Greenwood

Chester Greenwood was a possibility thinker! Chester grew up in Farmington, Maine. Anyone who knows Farmington knows it is cold! In 1873, while he was out ice skating he was trying to protect his ears from the biter cold by

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A Decided Heart

When Christopher Columbus begged Queen Isabella I of Castile for funding for his proposed trip of discovery, way back around 1492, it may appear as if he knew exactly where he was going, when he would arrive, and what he

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