Identifying High-Potential Talent in the Workplace

Identifying High-Potential Talent in the Workplace

In today’s economic environment, identifying and attracting high-potential employees can give employers an edge on their competition and set up their organizations for future success. iStock_000020454142XSmallbusiness dress - Copy

  • Employee Evaluations which includes getting to know your employees goals personally. What would their dream job be?
  • Employee Surveys
  • Job Shadowing
  • Mentoring
  • DISC Assessments
  • Training on site and off

There is contention about the terms ‘talent’ and ‘potential’. These terms create emotive responses from normally rational people. The organisation could fall foul of legislation, confuse, de-motivate and at worst lose people if there is a lack of clarity about what the organisation means when it refers to ‘talent’ or ‘potential’. Whilst there can be little argument that most people have potential, when managing talent you need to be able to differentiate between people on the basis of that potential. The aim is to identify, retain and nurture them.

Do you employees know that value proposition of your company? When an employee knows and sees that value the company brings to their life you then can create a Rising Star.

“ The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues. ”— Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

At Laser Focus Company we with work with our clients to identify new talent and build a foundation for succession planning. Call us today for more information.

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Work Life Balance…it’s a thorny issue

Over the past few months I have been doing a great deal of training, coaching and speaking to a number of associates on the subject of leadership, gender communications and increasing productivity in the workplace. workbalance

As I listened I began to notice something very important.  There is very little discussion on work, life, balance. Yes, there are always segments on health, nutrition and stress relief. But, where are the work life balance seminars that have become a hallmark of American corporate culture trying to “fix” their stressed out executives and staff? Has the rally to be more balanced been forgotten or have we just become more accepting of it NOT existing in our life?

Something is clearly shifting.

With my one-on-one coaching and group coaching clients, especially executive women, I tell them to never forget to ask for what they want including a work life balance. It has to be an essential part of their life.  The men seem to be listening too; because the latest study from PELL shows that more men are craving time at home with their families and are asking for it. That statistic now sits at 50% of men polled, whereas in earlier years, those numbers were in the single and low double-digit range.  Something is clearly shifting.

A recent client told me, “I don’t need one more thing to feel guilty about when it comes to my family,” and I agreed. So when I noticed the lack of subject matter recently on work life balance I began to look and listen more closely.

There is a new norm emerging. There is a subtle shift occurring, evoking compassion and balance in the workplace. This one is so warmly and wonderfully subtle we could easily overlook its importance. More and more people are talking about their families openly at work, gatherings and associations, but now it’s different.

We are starting to see more fully integrated professionals.


This piece about communicating and sharing more about one’s life is a major shift. It goes beyond the morning walk into the office and asking how are you? And then answering fine and then you both go on your day. It’s having a present conversation with someone with NO AGENDA other than to get to really know that person. We are starting to see more fully integrated professionals.

Being a powerful achiever doesn’t mean not having a family or personal life. We can integrate as much or as little as we want into our lives. It’s not always easy but it can be done. Here’s to being a fully integrated human being, professional and compassionate leader.

We at Laser Focus Coaching train with top leaders to create and environment where know wants to leave because they feel appreciated by their boss and have a environment that Work Life Balance is NOT a thorny issue.

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Pain VS Optimal Performance

Pain VS Optimal Performance

 I had an interesting conversation with my son’s orthopedic surgeon today. I concluded that our businesses are very similar in nature.

The goal in his business is to move his patients from pain, discomfort and limited strength and mobility to a state of optimal strength, range of motion while reducing or eliminating the risk of reoccurring injury. It’s a process.

The goal of my Platinum Program is to move a business from a state of pain and reoccurring frustrations, limited growth and consistency to a state of optimal performance, predictable growth, freedom and satisfaction, scalability and sustainability. It’s a process too.

I learned in my conversation with him that just because an individual is out of pain or their range of motion is restored, doesn’t mean they have fully recovered. In fact, the most important work they do begins when the pain is over. That is when the process of building strength to reduce and eliminate potential re-injures begins.painvspleasure

The challenge is people often quit when they are out of pain. About 80-90%.

Mediocrity has no pain. That is why people remain there. It takes a very special person to work toward excellence; to work past the pain and build from there; to stick with it.

The same is true about business. Once we eliminate a pain, even if it is momentary, we stop there and move on to the most pressing frustrations. And Lord knows business presents a consistent stream of frustrations and challenges. With this approach of never taking the solution beyond the cessation of pain we never get whole or well. Like a patient who stops treatment too soon, we are setting ourselves up for re-injury or continued breakdowns.

My Platinum Program provides a simple approach to eliminating the common pain and frustrations businesses experience.

  • It helps when we are frustrated with sales or lead generation.
  • It helps when we are frustrated with employee consistency and performance.
  • It helps when we are struggling with cash flow and personal income.
  • It helps when the business is totally dependent on the business owner or key employees.
  • It helps with any situation that is driving you crazy in your organization.

However our Platinum Program is more than just eliminating pain; it’s about building a great business.

The key to eliminating pain and frustration and building a great business comes down to one simple thing – to focus on the plan not the problem.


Benefits of Laser Focus Platinum Program

Our Platinum Coaching Program –  offers eight, 1/2 day forums, complemented by weekly personal coaching sessions. Over the course of the twelve-month program, we meet together at your company location or utilize our training facility for the 1/2 day forums. We work with you and your team each month to bring a consensus to each department or goals you set in the first forum. Throughout the entire program, you and your teams have full access to our team, by phone or email, and, if necessary, through personal meetings.

Our vigorous coaching and training programs yield powerful and meaningful benefits to clients. You feel inspired, empowered, connected, and supported throughout your experience. And you should, because you are working as hard as we are. While we facilitate the process and guide you, you produce the results.

Key results include:

  • A clear vision for business and life
  • A strategic plan with the skills and tools to achieve complete success
  • Business success and personal happiness, which lead to prosperity

Additional benefits of our program include:

  • Enhanced leadership
  • Happy employees
  • Stronger team performance
  • Understanding and merging Gen X,Y and the baby boomers in the workplace
  • Increased pride
  • Greater profitability

The key to success of any organization is dependent on the quality of your systems. And if you want to improve your business, you improve your systems. It’s time to leverage me to implement with you and your team how to implement systems that gives you quality of life.

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Business Spotlight: Drive-Ins

Photo taken at Saco Drive-In by Brandie Burrows

Photo taken at Saco Drive-In by Brandie Burrows

Every Monday we showcase a business that we think exemplifies outstanding customer service and business acumen. This week we are happy to talk about a family favorite: The Drive-In Movie Theater. We are lucky enough to live near two great drive-ins, so I decided to showcase both of them. Everyone should experience a drive-in movie. Popcorn from the snack shack. The ability to turn the volume to your liking. The crisp nights spent in the car huddled together, or on warmer nights sitting out on lawn chairs or in the back of a truck, nothing compares to a drive-in movie night. I can’t imagine children growing up without that experience! And at $15 per car, it’s more than a deal! Where else can you take your entire family out for $15? In these economic times, we need the drive-in more than ever.

Here’s the thing though, the drive-in movie theater is on the brink of going the way of the dinosaur. See, in a matter of months, the majority of American drive-in theaters will face closure when the movie industry switches from film to digital. Upgrading to digital projection costs roughly $80,000. This is a hefty fee for any business. But with drive-in theaters just barely making enough to keep open, this is too much of a burden to bear.

To help with this, Honda has started a project called Project Drive-In. You can go there to see videos and hear more about the project. From their about page: We want to preserve this iconic part of American car culture. So we’re taking the first step by starting a drive-in fund and donating 5 digital projectors. Your vote decides where they go. This article also has a great review of the project.

Here are the two drive-in theaters in Maine. Help save the drive-in! Your vote could be the one that makes history for Maine.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 6.57.57 AM1. Prides Corner Drive-In:

Located in Westbrook, this drive-in theater has been serving happy families for generations (over 60 years!). They have this to say about their theater on the Honda page, it is so good I had to share it: “In the days after WWII, the Tevanian boys changed the landscape in Westbrook, Maine in 1953 forever.  On Rt. 302, the gateway to the Lakes Region, up sprang the silver screen tower and guide wires. Once a forest on the Pride Farm, clear cutting began in 1952; wires, cables, ramps, snack bar, projection room, speaker poles, heating boxes, a playground, and even a ferris wheel. And in May of 1953, Westbrook was given a spot not only to watch movies, but it became a place where families, lovers and teens could get quality entertainment and spend meaningful time with one another. The sounds and smell of the drive-in , the smell of fresh air, freshly popped popcorn,  laughter and all-over enjoyment. People could leave their busy lives behind, and behind the silver screen you can rekindle your youthful spirit and relax and have fun.  Its therapeutic, almost hypnotic; natural good fun for the body. Why save the drive-in? The drive-in stands for a lot of things; first and foremost – freedom and creativity. In the hay-day, big cars, highways – America standing the test of its time. I was born into the drive-in. To lose a drive-in is like losing your life. In closing, I would like to be on record by saying that any drive-in still alive can bear the weather ahead. Prides Corner Drive-In, 60 years and still rolling!”

Info: 651 Bridgton Rd. (Rt. 302), Westbrook, Maine 04092

$15 per car, each additional persons $5. Gates open at 7pm. Show starts at dusk.

Check their Facebook for listings.

Facebook here.

VOTE here.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 6.59.52 AM2. Saco Drive-In Theater:

Located in Saco, the drive-in has been a favorite stop for years. There isn’t a lot about the drive-in on the web, but as a recent patron I can tell you that the snack bar is worth a visit. Every visit to the drive-in makes me feel like I have stepped back in time, to a simpler time, and this place is no exception. This photo is from their Facebook page and is said to be a picture from the summer of 1960.

Info: 969 Portland Road, Saco, Maine 04072

$15 per car! Gates open at 7:00pm. Movies start at 8:00pm

Check their website and Facebook for listings.

Website here.

VOTE here.

Don’t let an American favorite fade to black! Vote today or make a contribution and do anything you can to help save this American icon!

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Books for Business Strategy

This week we’ve looked at business strategies. One problem with the words ‘business strategy’ are the number of strategies floating around. Everyone conjures up their own meaning and everyone has their own opinion. The same is true for books; so many to choose from! The volume of strategy books published is overwhelmingly, but every year a few offer new and useful content. Which is best? When I started looking through my bookshelf for my favorite book I realized there are a lot, and I think each of them serve their own purpose. I decided to give you three of my favorites.

Here are a few indispensable contributions to the world of business strategy:

_The_Lords_of_Strategy_Cover1. The Lords of Strategy: The Secret Intellectual History of the New Corporate World, by Walter Kiechel. I selected this book because I like the historical look at business strategy. It’s truly an interesting read!

Today any company worth the name has a strategy. How else to decide what the organization wants to be, and where to compete? But this hasn’t always been so. In fact corporate strategy is a fairly recent invention. Only in the 1960s did a new breed of “business intellectuals”—though they never would have called themselves that—begin to invent the frameworks for pulling together what a company needed to know about its costs, customers, and competitors.

The Lords of Strategy tells the story of these quirky, rebellious men and women, of the key ideas they pioneered, and the organizations they served.

_9780471757221_200_the-boston-consulting-group-on-strategy2. The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy: Classic Concepts and New Perspectives, by Carl W. Stern. I selected this book because The Boston Consulting Group has been shaping strategic thinking in business for many years.

This book is a collection of “Perspectives” on business strategy written by The Boston Consulting Group over the past 30 years. Also includes articles published in Harvard Business Review. The collection from one of the most innovative management consulting firms in the world is a go to for anyone needing help with strategy. The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy offers a broad selection of the firm’s best ideas on strategy with fresh ideas, insights, and practical lessons for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs in every industry.

_StrategyFocusedOrgKaplan3. The Strategy-Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton. What I love about this book is the performance management tool called the Balanced Scorecard. I think many businesses would benefit from understanding and implementing this tool, an approach that makes strategy a continuous process owned not just by top management, but by everyone.

In The Strategy-Focused Organization, Kaplan and Norton share the results of ten years of research into companies that have implemented the Balanced Scorecard. Drawing on more than 20 in-depth case studies, they illustrate how major organizations have used the Scorecard to create an entirely new performance management framework that puts strategy at the center of a company’s key management processes and systems.

Whether you are starting fresh on a new business plan or performing an audit on your current plan, any of these books should provide you with a nugget of wisdom or a fresh approach. Do you have a favorite business strategy book?

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