Work Life Balance…it’s a thorny issue

Over the past few months I have been doing a great deal of training, coaching and speaking to a number of associates on the subject of leadership, gender communications and increasing productivity in the workplace. workbalance

As I listened I began to notice something very important.  There is very little discussion on work, life, balance. Yes, there are always segments on health, nutrition and stress relief. But, where are the work life balance seminars that have become a hallmark of American corporate culture trying to “fix” their stressed out executives and staff? Has the rally to be more balanced been forgotten or have we just become more accepting of it NOT existing in our life?

Something is clearly shifting.

With my one-on-one coaching and group coaching clients, especially executive women, I tell them to never forget to ask for what they want including a work life balance. It has to be an essential part of their life.  The men seem to be listening too; because the latest study from PELL shows that more men are craving time at home with their families and are asking for it. That statistic now sits at 50% of men polled, whereas in earlier years, those numbers were in the single and low double-digit range.  Something is clearly shifting.

A recent client told me, “I don’t need one more thing to feel guilty about when it comes to my family,” and I agreed. So when I noticed the lack of subject matter recently on work life balance I began to look and listen more closely.

There is a new norm emerging. There is a subtle shift occurring, evoking compassion and balance in the workplace. This one is so warmly and wonderfully subtle we could easily overlook its importance. More and more people are talking about their families openly at work, gatherings and associations, but now it’s different.

We are starting to see more fully integrated professionals.


This piece about communicating and sharing more about one’s life is a major shift. It goes beyond the morning walk into the office and asking how are you? And then answering fine and then you both go on your day. It’s having a present conversation with someone with NO AGENDA other than to get to really know that person. We are starting to see more fully integrated professionals.

Being a powerful achiever doesn’t mean not having a family or personal life. We can integrate as much or as little as we want into our lives. It’s not always easy but it can be done. Here’s to being a fully integrated human being, professional and compassionate leader.

We at Laser Focus Coaching train with top leaders to create and environment where know wants to leave because they feel appreciated by their boss and have a environment that Work Life Balance is NOT a thorny issue.

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