Nosh Kitchen Bar

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Every Monday we showcase a business that we think exemplifies outstanding customer service and business acumen. Today’s spotlight is on Nosh Kitchen Bar. Opened in 2010, Nosh has been serving the downtown Portland area with their famous burgers and fries.

From their website:

Nosh Kitchen Bar uses traditional culinary techniques of a New York style deli while offering their own new perspective that is based on the use of local, fresh, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients.

We visited Nosh last week with friends and from New York. My son has always raved about the place and since our friends were here we thought it would be the perfect opportunity. Everyone loved it. One of our friends is a food TV junkie and loves the show Man vs Food. Check this video out:

We all had a great time and the food definitely was worth the trip. The staff was pleasant and the atmosphere was perfect for a sunny afternoon in downtown Portland. The restaurant even has a small outside seating area if you are so inclined. Nosh has also done an amazing job on the social media front. They keep their Facebook page updated regularly and have done a number of funny commercials. This one had everyone talking.

If you are not into burgers, no problem. My Client Relations Coordinator also loves Nosh and she’s a vegetarian. She loves the falafel with beet sauce. There are also many more options to choose from. But let’s face it. Everyone is talking about their bacon-dusted fries. If you haven’t tried them, get yourself over to Nosh Kitchen Bar today!