Business Spotlight: Cuppow

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Turn a mason jar into a travel mug or lunch box!!

Every Monday morning we showcase a business that we think exemplifies outstanding customer service and business acumen. Today’s spotlight is on Cuppow! Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, The creators wanted to find a way to make mason jars portable. As an owner of one of their drinking lids, I can tell you they are wonderful! It turns my ordinary mason jar into the perfect container for my iced coffee or other beverage. I am really excited to try one of their newest products, the BNTO. It’s genius really. I already carry my salads in mason jars, but now I will be able to carry the dressing separately. How great is that? You can go here to learn more about how Cuppow got their start. Make sure to watch the short video.

Their projects are BPA and Phthalate free and they are environmentally conscious, their product and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. They also give back to the community, giving 5% of profits toward supporting other like-minded organizations and domestic charities that focus on engaging people on environmental stewardship, recycling, and social awareness. One of the things we love most about Cuppow is their commitment to the local economy. It would be cheaper to outsource their materials and supplies, but they are keeping it local. From their website:

In the ten months after our first sale, in January of 2012, we realized that we were making an impact on domestic industry when part-time workers at our fulfillment center were suddenly full-time, and owners of businesses in our supply chain were suddenly very happy to speak to us on the phone when we called. We decided to go through our books and evaluate the impact that our product has had on the domestic industries that serve us, and once we crunched some numbers, we were very proud. Our design team interpreted the data into an easily digestible infographic. The product of our efforts is a compelling argument for the maintenance and reintroduction of domestic supply chains in the production of consumer products.


You can make a difference by supporting products which are produced with care and our country’s best interests in mind.

I think now more than ever we need to be mindful of where our money is being spent. Supporting a company that creates local jobs is a good place to start! Commit to being mindful of your money for one week and see what you discover.

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