Never Too Small

_0-89587-297-8This week we are reading, Nothing’s Too Small to Make a Difference, by Wanda Urbanska. In the book, Urbanska shares lessons culled from the authors’ move from fast-paced Los Angeles to running a Virginia cherry orchard where she downshifted from a consumerist lifestyle to a simpler way of life. This book is a companion volume to the PBS series, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska. In chapters covering time, money, work, the environment, child rearing, community life, health and food, and spiritual growth, the authors offer proven, practical advice on how to simplify and improve life. And isn’t that what we are all after…A simplified and improved life? According to Urbanska, it just takes small steps. And if you don’t think that small steps will lead to a big payoff, think again.

“If you think your actions are too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito”. ― Anonymous

A friend gifted me this book and I always make it a priority to read the books given to me by friends. This book helps the reader develop an awareness of how simple steps can make a difference towards improving the quality of ones life and towards impacting our environment. Urbanska created a “want” list for her life. This is something I do and encourage my clients to do as well. Consider it your road map. You won’t get to your destination unless you create a map to get there. What is it you truly want in life? Write it down. For Urbanska, the list is simple:

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Satisfying, meaningful work in line with my values and sense of purpose
  3. The right balance

This is a simple list, yet it is powerful. Imagine if you could find the answer to creating this list of wants in your own life? So what are three things on your list? Don’t have one? I invite you to start one today. List just three things that would make you a happier person.

For one woman, she wanted to learn to dance in one year (these lists can be life long lists of annual lists, sort of like resolutions…I advise that you have both). And her story is another example of how small changes each day can lead to big results, which for her came about from daily practice. Little steps towards a goal every single day really do pay off.

More information about it here.

Nothing’s Too Small to Make a Difference challenges the self-defeating assumption that one person – and one action – can’t make a difference. But it can. So what are you going to do to achieve your big three wants this year?

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