Stick With It

StickWithIt_COLAN_RTThis week we are reading Stick with It, by Lee J. Colan Ph. D. and Julie Davis-Colan. I received an autographed copy, given to me last week at the event I went to in Boston. Colan’s passion for what he does comes through in all that he says.
The essence of the book and what Colan articulated to us when he spoke falls in line with what we have been speaking about here on the blog for the past few weeks. Most especially, Watch Your Words. We need to be focused on the WORDS we speak and the ACTION behind them in our daily lives and business lives. Those words and action need to be focused and come from a place of competence and passion.

This book is packed with valuable insights, potential traps, and a starting-point adherence assessment for making the journey. In most organizations executing on strategy has always occurred as a challenging, uphill struggle. Colan points that out in the adherence formula.

Focus x Competence x Passion = ADHERENCE  

So, what are the keys to successfully “sticking with it”? The book describes three components of adherence:

  • Focus. Gives you clarity on what you need to do to execute your strategy, enabling you to keep things simple and avoid engaging in irrelevant actions
  • Competence. Encompasses the systems, skills, tools and processes you need to achieve your goals 
  • Passion. Connects you and your teammates to your sense of value and contribution 
The definition of adherence: faithful support for a cause or attachment to a formal agenda. When your actions are faithful and support that “ONE THING” you are passionate about, your struggle won’t feel so uphill.
I had such a great time meeting Lee and listening to the way he handles his business and his personal life that you knew he was on purpose and his action represented his talk. Work on that “One Thing” FOCUS LIKE A LASER IS WHAT HE SAID, which made me sitting in the audience be honored that my name tag  had my company name on it “LASER FOCUS COACHING”. I have always agreed with the ONE THING and being focused one that one thing that will create the most for me team and growth of my company.
He also suggests to THINK IN THREE’s:

Here is a lesson that Colan gave us, you should try it too:
What’s my One Thing for…
This Week?____________________
This Month?___________________
This Quarter?__________________
This Year?____________________
This Life?_____________________

Focus on ONE THING!

He then went on to share the competence piece of the equation. What is the competence of yourself and your team? Do you make sure your discussions and your language are specific to what your expectations are and the results you are looking for clear to your team? Think like you’re an Olympic Coach. We all love to watch the Olympic players perform. Do we really know the journey or agony of what they needed to sacrifice and how they needed to overcome adversity culminating in either the joy to victory or defeat? No, we see them when they are performing at their highest and best. It blows my mind when I think of the coaching, the mindset, the focus, and the competency needed to perform at that level. I have focus and everyday I work to be more competent with myself and to encourage that on my team, it’s a tall order.
The next step he shared is growing a business or helping an owner grow a business in passion, which I know for me is the BIGGEST part of business development. Is your team passionate about what they do? Have you asked them lately? I make it a point to ask my Client Relations Coordinator what she is PASSIONATE about. And I support her, so much so that if she isn’t having her cup filled and she isn’t passionate about her work at Laser Focus Coaching, then I understand and embrace what she would need to do in order to make that happen, even if it meant leaving our organization. You have to create an atmosphere that allows growth and communicate that to you team from your core and mean it. Brandie is the core of our company, she supports our clients, handles the business dynamics that create balance in our company. If she isn’t focused, competent, and passionate it would be a disaster. I am very PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT OUR COMPANY OFFERS TO CLIENTS…and she knows it and that’s what makes the difference.
Lastly when all the stars align – focus, competence, and passion – it equals ADHERENCE (remember, that means faithful support for a cause or attachment to a formal agenda). This is the foundation for greatness and SUCCESS of your company.
I am the passionate about my work and my clients. My Coaching methods, systems, and support will help grow your business beyond your wildest DREAMS! I will help you Stick With It.
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