5 Ways to Maximize Your Summer


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Lazy summer days ahead? No way! Here are 5 things you should be doing to ensure that you are getting things done this summer.

#1: Take a break. And I mean a real break, not one of those “I am on vacation but I’ll be checking my email and voicemail everyday” deals. When you are on your break, make sure you check out from business related things and check in with yourself. I am very blessed to have an Island to go to where there are no public amenities, like electric, running water, etc. Nope. You read that right. No. Amenities. Just a rain tank, composting system, and solar energy. The Island has about 100 homes, is about a 1/2 mile wide, and is located in the middle of the bay. And it’s where I do my best thinking because I actually check out.

#2: Follow Through. Answer this question, “What needs to be done right now?” Better yet, start each day with your trusty notebook, to-do list, or planner and at the top write: What Needs to Be Done Today? Then make a list with action items. Just focus on those things that need to be done now, follow through on all the details, and see your projects get done in record time. Make it a habit to complete this list first thing in the morning. Even if you start putting in place just this one productivity secret, you will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish. Follow through is a habit. Start today.

#3: Think Ahead. You may be in the middle of your summer, but think ahead to get the most out of your holiday events or marketing platform. Get a plan of action developed now so that the months leading up to the busy holidays are mapped out, boosting year-end profits and making your time more efficient.

#4: Read. I am not talking about your email. Read an article or a book for pleasure or to learn something new. Ask people you admire and respect what they are reading. Last week a colleague and I were discussing the way business is run in other parts of the world. So I decided for my break week (which by the way starts July 15th) I am going to read as much regarding how company owners and leaders run a day of business in Hong Kong, Europe, and Dubai. This is a good read if you are interested. I have decided to learn something new, but maybe you just want fun, light reading. My Client Relations Coordinator has finally decided to attack the 849 page Stephen King tome, 11/22/63, which she has been desperate to read for a while. No time like the summer to tackle those books! It’s a fascinating read of time travel, and if you live in Maine you will love the references to local places and speech. Also, she is too afraid to read most Stephen King books so this is a good one for those who scare easily!

#5: Create a BHAG. Jim Collins the Author of “Good To Great,” talks about Big Hairy Audacious Goals. BHAGs can stimulate progress when your goal is huge and daunting, like a big mountain to climb. A BHAG captures the imagination and grabs people in the gut. When is the last time you had a BHAG? Maybe your team has a BHAG for you, ask them?

BHAGA great example of a BHAG is the story of Walt Disney. In 1923 an energetic twenty-one year old animator moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles and tried to get a job in the movie business. No film company would hire him, so he used his meager saving to rent a camera, set up a studio, and begin making animated cartoons. In 1934, Mr. Disney took the bold step never before taken to create successful full-length animated films. His initial successes included Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi. In the 1950s, Walt Disney paid a FATEFUL visit to a number of amusement parks and cam away disgusted, calling them “dirty, phony places, run by tough-looking people.” He decided that day that he would create a much better amusement park. Throughout dramatic changes – the company held firmly to a consistent set of core values that included passionate belief in creative imagination, fanatic attention to detail, abhorrence of cynicism, and preservation of the “Disney Magic.”

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