Monday Business Spotlight: Espo’s


Diana and Christina at Espo’s Trattoria

Today’s Business Spotlight is on Espo’s Trattoria, located at 1335 Congress Street in Portland. I am always looking to try new, local restaurants, and I was very pleased with the exceptional service and the delicious food at Espo’s. I had lunch with a business partner here last week and Christina was our server. She was familiar with the person I was having lunch with and knew his favorite appetizer and came right over and asked if he wanted to start with that. He is a regular and she knew exactly what he liked, she treated him like someone would treat their family. She was attentive, courteous, and really took care of us.

It reminded me of an article I read in Forbes magazine awhile ago, How to Turn Your Customers Into Regulars. In it the author says that we love restaurants more for the service we get and the people who own and work there than we do for the food!

Consistent friendly service and warm welcome of the valued guest made customers embrace these establishments and visit them again and again…personalization and localization make a business thrive.

As busy as it was during lunch time, we had a very pleasant meal and I was impressed with the restaurant. I will definitely be having more business lunches here. Thanks ladies and Espo’s!

You can also check them out (and like them!) on Facebook.

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