Are You Worth the Investment?

How are you and your team at collaborating?

Image courtesy adamr/

Image courtesy adamr/

I was at a  Human Resource Leadership Forum yesterday in Boston with a very active, collaborative group. There wasn’t a powerpoint presentation. Instead we collaborated and worked together. It was a brilliant way to have a workshop that you could identify with. The program was presented by Plays For Living. The topic:

“Bringing the Unspoken into the OPEN.”

It was exciting and stimulating live drama with facilitated discussion. The play, “People Like Us,” explores the challenging and highly charged issues that confront today’s multi-cultural work groups. The cast presented on topics ranging from discrimination, loyalty, the glass ceiling, to the need to conform to corporate culture.

The reason I share this with you and is because when you work in collaboration with a group, many of the challenges we are presented with throughout the day or our life become opportunities.

I am passionate about group coaching for many reasons, especially the collaborative approach. Group coaching is also affordable for those that have let the cost for individual coaching prevent them from realizing all the benefits of coaching. It’s also inspiring to be around others wanting to develop into their highest and best.

Collaboration is about learning together. Learning together produces innovation, change, and acceptance. Innovation is the abstract that creates real results beyond your imagination. What is that worth to you? If you or your team needs to focus on collaboration or get clarity on something specific, consider our Summer Master Focus Program starting June 17th. Pick what works best for you to register today online, phone 207-318-9940, or email

Master Focus Program

This program is about meeting you exactly where you are and taking you to your highest and best while achieving much more. This program has changed the way our clients approach life and do business. Let Sandy help you overcome that ONE THING that is holding you back and allow you to:

  • Accelerate productivity and performance
  • Navigate change more easily
  • Explore and leverage your unique strengths, styles and capabilities
  • Enhance communication, learn the ability to have difficult conversations with no judgment and empathy
  • Increase positivity and the quality of your relationships with team members
  • Create your vision and build productive habits that will empower you into your daily life
  • Set and accomplish your goals with the support you need to achieve them

The impact of these changes will lead to enhanced business and team productivity, positivity, and performance.

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