What is holding you back?


You probably possess all these traits I’ve listed on this baseball, right? You are also creative, resourceful, and a visionary. I know that because I talk with people like you every day. But there is something holding you back. What is it?

I meet with a lot of business owners, dedicated employees, and entrepreneurs who are on the verge of something great, yet there is one small thing that is standing in the way of their greatness. It could be fear. It might be letting go of that part-time job because you worry the money won’t be there. It could be a voice from the past that is telling you that you don’t deserve success. Maybe it’s just that you haven’t had the strong leadership training you need to survive in your industry. Whatever it is, you can overcome it. And like they say, there is no time like the present…right?

Here are 3 tips to get to the root of that ONE THING that is holding you back:

1. See your obstacle as an opportunity. What exactly is your obstacle? Get specific. Write down a plan of the exact steps that you’ll take in order to overcome this obstacle. Once you’ve completed that task, put the plan aside and move towards completing your goals. You have the plan, now follow through. Turn your obstacles into opportunities by acting on them.

2. Increase Your Familiarity. Fear of the unknown often is what scares people the most. People who are afraid of owning their own business, for example, are terrified by the ambiguity that comes with it. But the more you do something that scares you, the easier it becomes.  Every step you take, and every day you take a step, you will get closer to your dreams. By working on yourself and your goals every day, the fears will subside and become familiar.

3. Check in with yourself and make sure this is something you really want. A lot of the time we find excuses to stand in the way of us and some big thing. However, those excuses often come up because that one big thing isn’t actually something we want anymore. Sometimes we write our stories and forget about them for years, forget that times change and people change and so often we need to rewrite our stories. Have you checked in with yourself lately to make sure you are on the path to your true hopes and dreams? This is what I mean when I say, “In order to catch the ball, you have to want to catch the ball.” You have to want this dream or thing or job…if you don’t want it, it will not happen.

It’s TIME to get FOCUSED this summer!

Take advantage of the warm weather, the blue skies, the sunshine, the parties, and summer activities to bring energy and joy into your life. Get focused now and start Fall with renewed energy and dedication.

Isn’t it time to master the one thing that is holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals, both in business and in your personal life? Do you know what your ONE THING is? We can help you get clarity.

Master Focus Program

Coach Sandy Bonney’s Master Focus Program is exactly what you need!

This program is about meeting you exactly where you are and taking you to your highest and best while achieving much more. This program has changed the way our clients approach life and do business. Let Sandy help you overcome that ONE THING that is holding you back and allow you to:

  • Accelerate productivity and performance
  • Navigate change more easily
  • Explore and leverage your unique strengths, styles and capabilities
  • Enhance communication, learn the ability to have difficult conversations with no judgment and empathy
  • Increase positivity and the quality of your relationships with team members
  • Create your vision and build productive habits that will empower you into your daily life
  • Set and accomplish your goals with the support you need to achieve them

The impact of these changes will lead to enhanced business and team productivity, positivity, and performance.

It’s TIME! Get focused on ONE THING this summer!

For a nominal monthly investment, Coach Sandy Bonney will support you along with your peers in the group. The Master Focus program provides the following:

1. 30 minute one-on-one coaching call

2.  Twelve 45 minute sessions once a week over the next three months

3. Confidence of support with like-minded people

4. Tweaking what you believe is possible

5. Networking with other successful, experienced professionals

6. Unblocking the barriers that block your innate gift/talent.

Starting June 17th, 2013 at 8:00am
Investment: $99.00 a month

Contact us for more details, either by phone (207-318-9940) or email (info@laserfocuscoaching.com)

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