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Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. I like to think of my creativity, happiness, and heath as a well. That well needs to be filled up sometimes. Other times we need a little inspiration when we start on a new project, or even to get us through a hard day. Check out this Entrepreneur article asking the founders of high-profile young startups what keeps them going when things get tough.

It got me wondering, what inspires you?

One of our favorite online inspiration collections is Pinterest. It makes browsing the web so much more interactive. It allows me to organize the things I see on the web in a way that is easy to use and visually satisfying. If I see a recipe I want to make, I pin it to my recipe board. If I see an interesting business article I want to read, I add it to my business board. It’s an easy way to keep track of the things I like on the web without mucking up my bookmarks file or my hard drive. Have you played around much with Pinterest?

Although I love searching the web for inspiration sometime, I actually get more inspiration by getting off the web! Here are my top five inspiration sparks:

1. People. Get out and make real connections by spending time with real people in the real world. That’s the only place you’ll find real opportunity and friendship. And that’s where success and happiness comes from. It’s also where you will fill your inspiration well because by talking to people and interacting in real life, you will find new things out about yourself and others.

2. Read a book. An inspiring story or experience has the power to change your life or reinforce the path you’re already on. Because different things inspire different people there are literally millions of books to choose from. It all depends on what you are seeking…but I guarantee there is a book out there for you. If you need book suggestions, we can help.

3. Listen And Learn. If you haven’t yet listened to the vast array of podcasts available on iTunes, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that interests you. Listen to a few episodes and write down what you’ve learned.

4. Write it down. Keep a list of things that inspire you. The next time you need some inspiration, you can pull out your notebook and see what has worked in the past. When I am starting a new project, I always go to my list first.

5. Take time off. When I tell my CEO clients to take time off, they often find a million excuses not to do that. We are all so busy that it’s no wonder our inspiration well is depleted. Often a little time away allows you to come back refreshed and ready to tackle projects. Time away is often the best way to think up new ideas, too!

Finding time to fill your well with things that make you happy is a good way to get through the week. And if nothing else work, look for videos that make you laugh. It’s often through laughter that we do our best work!

This video combines two of my favorites: laughter and music!

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