Fearless Leadership

fearless_leadershipThis week we are reading Fearless LeadershipHow to Overcome Behavioral Blindspots and Transform Your Organization, by Loretta Malandro, PhD. I like the term blind spot in the title, because often we are going about our business of leading a team and don’t realize that there is something we can’t see…and it’s been there the entire time. According to Malandro, no one is immune, from CEOs to staff; blind spots abound in organizations of all sizes, geographic locations, and industries

In her book Fearless Leadership, Loretta Malandro, PhD., identifies 10 behavioral blind spots that can derail leaders. The first part of the book is designed to help understand and identify blind spots and talk about them in a constructive way so you can overcome them.

These 10 blind spots are:

  1. Going it alone
  2. Being insensitive of your behavior on others
  3. Having an “I know” attitude
  4. Avoiding the difficult conversations
  5. Blaming others or circumstances
  6. Treating commitments casually
  7. Conspiring against others
  8. Withholding emotional commitment
  9. Not taking a stand
  10. Tolerating “good enough”

Everyone is accountable

After meeting with many CEOs, Malandro said that she understood what was needed: “The message snapped into place: CEOs, executives, and leaders wanted to know how to take intellectual abstraction and turn it into practical action that could be integrated into the fabric of their organizations.” The difficulty of turning knowledge into practical and effective practice is something I hear regularly, and it is not just the CEOs that feel frustrated. People new to the job want to take what the have learned in school or at other jobs and apply it, the question is how?

For a business to grow and change there must be a culture of 100 percent accountability. Malandro defines this as “being personally accountable for business results and your impact on people, even when others accept zero accountability.” She also notes that everyone in an organization must accept and share that commitment, no matter at what level they sit.

This book features behavior-based program which focuses on changing companies from the top down. Through effective leadership, an organization can be transformed. It takes true vision and courage to meet the challenges of growing a business. Fearless Leadership offers managers and executives a unified game plan of specific behavioral techniques proven to promote positive change. I appreciated the focus on everyday behaviors and work patterns that encourage collaboration, accountability, and confident decision making. This book is an easy and interesting read that gets at some very important aspects that effect our work lives.

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