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DISC assessments are used worldwide in thousands of organizations of all sizes, major governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. They are to be used as a tool in the process for hiring talent in the workforce. It benefits the employee by not being hired for the wrong position and helps initiate the communication process. DISC assessments benefit the employer and allows him/her to communicate better about the position, what the expectations will be, and the strengths they are looking for from the employee.

ASSESSMENTS TOOLS SHOULD NOT BE USED TO MAKE HIRING DECISION, but rather to ask the right questions to reach the right hiring decision. This is a valuable tool when used correctly, but should be reviewed by a Certified Behavior Analyst with the candidate.

Aim of DISC/Personality Assessments:
1. To add accuracy and objectivity to the assessments of individuals and find the right talent for the job
2. To impose structure and “focus” during the employment interview
3. To minimize the possibility of adverse impact derived from varying and unsympathetically observed cures

Beyond the Personality Profile Assessment (PPA), we can generate 18 more reports depending on the needs of your company and your profile. Each report will be specific to your needs and ensure that your vision and goals are aligned with those of your team.


Some of the additional reports:

Executive Summary

Job Profile

Job Candidate Comparison

Strengths & Limitations

Interview Questions

Scores & Graphs

Team Audit

Executive Summary

Training Needs


Call us at anytime to schedule a PPA with yourself or your entire team!


What makes your employees tick?

The PPA is invaluable during the hiring process. Before I was hired, Sandy had a few meetings with me and I took the Personality Profile. It was honestly the first time I had taken one for a job, at the time I didn’t understand the value of the PPA. I now see how valuable this tool is in making sure that everyone is on the same page, to ensure that every position is filled with the right candidate, and to eliminate unnecessary training for someone who won’t fit the role. Sandy was looking for something specific, and through our meetings and the PPA she ensured that I was the right fit as a high ‘I‘. Throughout these meetings she probed me for what makes me tick and heard me when I told her of some of my dreams. I was in the Peace Corps and explained that I hoped to continue volunteering. Sandy also has a heart for volunteering, so we talk about it regularly. Just last week I returned from a volunteer trip to Guatemala. I wasn’t worried when I went to Sandy to ask for the time off, because we had already had so many conversations about my goals. Sandy not only allowed me the time off, she encouraged me to follow my dreams! Knowing this about me upfront was important, I think.

Story hour in Chajul, an indigenous Mayan village. Click on image for blog post. To see a video (and song!) from story hour, follow this link:

Story hour in Chajul, an indigenous Mayan village. Click on image for blog post. To see a video (and song!) from story hour, follow this link:

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