Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Transform Your Business Into A Fortune!

Are you constantly getting caught in the tidal wave of things that have to get done, and you’re out of control? I know, I know. You’re are asking yourself, “How do I find time to grow my business to it’s highest and best?” Put aside the drama. There is a very simple, very effective way to take flight and grow your business!  These three steps from Jennifer Whites book “Work Less…Make More” that I read years ago worked for me. Try these 3 steps to success!


Perhaps this is the easiest one of all. It simply means DON’T DO IT.  This one was a hard one for me to embrace. Just say NO? Being the perfectionist I thought I had to be, meant that if I put it on the list it needed to get done. Take my advice write out your to-do-list and then circle the top three and then start a new list with just those top three. Focus on your top three things and let nothing else distract you. When you don’t get distracted from your top three you will bring money into your company and make your business stronger.


There are many reasons to delegate. I like to surround myself with individuals whose skill set compliment my business model and then delegate. When you delegate projects, your brilliant-master skill is able to shine giving you the ability to give your clients your best. When you are growing a business, there are always more things that need to get done than there is time to do them. To keep your business growing, you have to find ways to get more done without working yourself to death. Delegate does not mean dump something in someones lap without them having motivation. It helps when they want to help you, ask them?


My personal favorite! Automate quickly…systems, systems and more systems. We live in a world of ever-changing technology, it’s vital for you to start using automation.Great book to get on why automate? “The E-MYTH” by Michael Gerber, buy it on CD and listen in the car. It will change your thinking.  I won’t spend a lot of time telling you how to automate your systems-there are plenty of cloud based or software programs available. Here are three reason my favorite is AUTOMATE:

1. Fortune is in the follow-up! I appreciate customers taking time to get to know me and I want them to get a thank you for their time the next day.
2. When someone hires me, again I want them to know I appreciate their business with a special something that arrives to them within a week of them hiring me.
3. My data base is my lifeline, each and every conversation is documented for future business follow-up, my systems let me know when someone’s birthday and is able to send a card and track results for our clients. Automate…Automate…Automate!

Once you’ve eliminated everything you can, and once you’ve delegated everything you can, and once you have automated everything you can; your business will be produce more money and your will be have a more balanced lifestyle.

Michael Gerber says in one year Franchises have a success rate of 95% in contrast to the 50-plus-percent failure rate of new independently owned business and without systems there is an 80 percent failure rate within the first five years.

Laser Focus Coaching is here to help, our vigorous coaching and training programs yield powerful and meaningful benefits to clients. You feel inspired, empowered, connected, and supported throughout your experience. And you should, because you are working as hard as we are. While we facilitate the process and guide you, you produce the results.

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