Work Less, Make More

1This week we are reading, Work Less, Make More: Stop Working So Hard and Create the Life You Really Want!, by Jennifer White.

As a successful coach, Jennifer White proves: You can work less and make more. White provides a 10-step program for unlocking your potential to live and work on your own terms. Based on White’s popular seminars, Work Less, Make More is an easy-to-follow program to help you unblock passions hand have the life you have dreamed of!

From the publisher:

Tired of holding your breath, waiting for exactly the right moment to arrive before you start living the life you really want? It’s time to stop waiting and start living. As renowned success coach, Jennifer White, proves in this amazing book: you can have it all — more time, more money, and more fun — on your own terms — starting today!

White begins by listing some of the common excuses given for not following your dreams. We have talked about a few of them before (not enough time! not enough money! I am too busy!). We have to move past those excuses. It is only when we decide to take hold of our life that we will see changes. By following the program outlined in this book you will learn to:

* Fearlessly take more risks
* Do the kind of work that really makes you happy
* Achieve success on your own terms
* Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss
* Have more fulfilling relationships
* Put the passion back in your life and work

We have read this book more than once because the practical advice stands the test of time. We also love her emphasis on journaling and writing things down! And like other books that we have recommended, there are exercises sprinkled within the pages so that you can take what you are reading and apply them to your own life.

What’s holding you back from Working Less and Making More?


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