Steering by Starlight

This week we are reading Steering by Starlight: Find your Right Life!, by Martha Beck.  We have been working with and training clients this month who are career transition. Imagine yourself after twenty five yearsBook 04182013  starting to think, why the heck am I not living the life I want? Why am I putting up with my manager, why am I being treated this way? I have given my highest and best and now he makes me feel like I’m worthless. What we heard from various sources is that they just don’t care. And the next we heard was that I am not going to take it anymore, but I don’t know where to start or what I am even going to do…help! Last year, in February 2012, we read The North Star by Martha.  Remembering I had read Steering By Starlight seemed fitting to read this book while coaching them. It aligned with what my clients were ready to find out about themselves.

One of things I have learned is that you need to foster the “challenges” or as I like to call them OPPORTUNITIES in your life to grow and stretch to reach your highest potential. If in awareness you will identify what you learned from the experience and what you are not willing to ever tolerate again, then you have been successful. Bring in the concept of balance to enable you to live the life you have always imagined.

There are many, many, many books for you to learn, grow and be challenged by, and one book that I enjoy applying  the techniques in the book to my life to is Martha Beck’s “Steering By Starlight.”

Martha Beck has come with high recommendations for years. Her angle, paraphrased: “You probably aren’t doing what you want to do in life… why the hell not?” She doesn’t tell you what it is you want to do, or how to do it; rather, her method allows for self-discovery. It’s a message I like, and one that I know many of my clients come to call on me for. Martha’s book reinforces techniques as a coach that we give our clients; the idea that living the life we want is possible, even if you feel stuck, afraid, or just plain bored.

This book is not like other self-help books. Martha Beck is funny and sensitive about how truly your life can be on track! Even if you are not a self-help book fan, this might be the first self-help book you enjoy reading. One warning though; this book is written for those that believe in the magic of life.

In the first chapter it starts off with helping you identify your wants…the paragraph leading up to the questions says this; “right now, you probably have a mental list of things you want very, very much. You may be working toward these things, buying Lotto tickets in bulk, praying for everything but not writing it down and owing it. Take the challenge,”:

Some Things I Really Want

Thing 1: _________________________________________________________

Thing 2: _________________________________________________________

Thing 3: _________________________________________________________

Thing 4: _________________________________________________________

Thing 5: _________________________________________________________

desiresWhat you will enjoy about this book is the next question it asks, “How Will I Feel When I Have What I Really Want?” The tools and lessons that you will have to help you will keep you focused on Living The Life You Have Always Imagined…

It is not like other self-help books. Martha Beck is funny and sensitive about how truly your life can be on track, and she makes her message personal and individual.

Email us and tell us how you liked it.

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