Shoestring Marketing Budget?


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When customers call us to talk about social media marketing, often we hear one of two things:
1) I don’t have the time!
2) I don’t have the money!

Today we want to address these reasons people say they do not get involved with social media. We are here to tell you that you do have the time and you do have the resources!

Do you have a shoestring marketing budget? No problem, we can help.

Many people don’t know this, but social media is designed for those who have smaller marketing budgets. Many sites are free to use and require a small time investment. That means you are able to reach more people with less money. Since the majority of people use these sites already, you are able to tap into a population that is established. Also, this population searches for companies and products on the web. Think about it, the last time you needed something, did you Google it up?

The first step when approaching social media marketing is to assess resources and assign necessary roles. Is there a talented writer on staff? Use him/her to help with the blog! Using social media to strengthen your brand and ultimately gain you new customers, you need an effective plan and a team for daily content creation. The size of that team depends on the size of your company. I have seen very successful social media platforms that included just one in-house marketing person. Size is not important, but quality and consistency is. What most people don’t understand is that you simply can’t just go ahead and do social media marketing without a plan. So devise a plan and stick to it!

Why is Social Media Training so important?

Social media marketing is powerful – get it right and your company can soar to viral internet fame. Get it wrong and your brand could languish in obscurity. At our event next week we will give you FOUR key concepts of value to walk away with:

1. An understanding of the guidelines of the three most used social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. The importance of listening to your customers and clients and how to successfully engage them. Put the megaphone down and listen, join conversations organically. Let them see your passion for what you do. Small Businesses should think strategically and focus their social media marketing efforts so they don’t just reach but also engage.

3. Who should handle your social media presentation and why. If you absolutely can’t make time for social media, make sure you find someone you trust that knows your brand inside and out so that they successfully represent it over social media.

4. An action plan to manage what you are posting and when you are posting. We’ve seen this simple, yet powerful tool completely change the social media marketing of our clients.

So have no fear. Social Media Marketing is powerful, and with a few tips and strategies you will have engaged new customers and hopefully a new client or two!

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