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Have you heard about Pay It Forward? No, not the movie…though the current movement may have gained momentum from that movie. According to Wiki, “Pay it forward” is asking the beneficiary of a good deed to “repay” it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. It’s amazing to think that the idea has been around nearly 100 years.

Have you ever paid it forward?


Lucky for us, we have a movement that was started right here in Maine. We are privileged enough to call Dr. Clint Steele a friend, and we encourage all of you to check out his organization, Pay It Forward x1 Million. Clint believes your positive acts of kindness can change the world. Can 1 person inspire 1 MILLION acts of kindness? Join the movement and prove it!

Dr. Steele has also started a magazine. The image above is the cover for the most recent issue. The goal of the magazine is to bring communities together with the pay it forward movement. The magazine showcases business that are paying it forward. Each business that purchases an ad will share how they are inspired to create this movement within themselves and their customers and how it has positively influenced them. You can find out more information about how you can get involved on the website.

There are so many ways to pay it forward! This weekend we went to a local coffee shop and decided to “pay it forward” ourselves. It was Sunday and the place was packed, so we started talking to the couple behind us and found out they were visiting from Rhode Island. When we got up to the counter we told the barista that we wanted to pay for the couple behind us. It was that easy and it really made their day (and honestly, it made us feel really happy). My mom does it all the time at the drive-through coffee shop near her house. She gives the cashier a $10 and tells him/her to pay for as many people as that will cover. It’s a little thing, but it really brightens everyone’s day.

Here at Laser Focus Coaching, we strongly believe in paying it forward. Sandy has always practiced this and always has two complimentary Bronze coaching clients. If you’d like more information or to see if you qualify, please contact the office.

Pay it forward today!


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