What are the rules?

389101This week we are reading: If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules? by Chérie Carter-Scott, a corporate trainer and consultant. In this book, Carter-Scott attempts to answer the question: 

If life is a game, what are the rules?

We were laughing today about all of our sports analogies this week, but sometimes they just work! If we took on life like athletes approach sports, we’d all be winners! If we would practice taking the shot over and over again, we could build skills we would never have imagined we’d possess. We also must see it in our mind: practice the shot and visualize success. It happens. It is the shot that goes in that counts for the WIN!

Reading through this book has allowed me to focus and create clarity. Carter-Scott breaks this practical guide down by 10 rules as follows:

The Ten Rules For Being Human:
1. You will receive a body.
2. You will be presented with lessons.
3. There are no mistakes, only lessons.
4. Lessons are repeated until learned.
5. Learning does not end.
6. “There” is no better than “here.”
7. Others are only mirrors of you.
8. What you make of your life is up to you.
9. All the answers lie inside of you.
10. You will forget all of this at birth.

Which life lesson are you working on right now? Remember, we are all learning.

Life is a succession of lesson which must be lived to be understood.” ~Helen Keller

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