Recently I read this article about the power of optimism. We all know that our thoughts are powerful, but I am always amazed when reminded just how powerful they are. This article stood out for me because of a baseball story, if you can believe that!


What can baseball teach you about optimism?

The article was written by Dr. Jason Selk who was hired by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006 to be their first ever Director of Mental Training (I love that title). Though the team was beaming with talented athletes, they had not won a World Series in 20 years. The athletes were great at the mechanics of pitching, batting, and fielding, so where were they lacking? After some work, Dr. Selk found what they needed. He states: they needed to learn how to set goals, focus on their priorities, stay positive, be disciplined, and win…They needed to learn how to cultivate optimism and confidence.  The season that Dr. Selk  worked with them, the St. Louis Cardinals won their first World Series in two decades. He worked with them again in 2011 when they won a second time. This is a testament to the fact that optimism can definitely be learned and applied to all areas of life.

It got me thinking about my own desire to be a more optimistic person. For a few weeks now Sandy has been sending me morning inspirational quotes. They are really short and sweet and helpful. I call her my optimism coach. And Bam! Idea! I thought, wouldn’t everyone want to get in on this and have optimism delivered to their phone first thing in the morning? It is often the first thing I read (Sandy gets up super early!) and many times it was just what I wanted needed to read. Honestly, I look forward to these daily texts. It has become my happy morning wake up call!

Join us for daily positive messages! Just text GROWTH to 41411!

Join us for daily positive messages! Just text GROWTH to 41411!

So this is our offer!

We thought about it and have been working on something exciting that we are now ready to share with you. If you would like to receive Sandy’s quick morning inspirational texts, all you have to do is text the word:




It’s that easy. If you have successfully signed up you will immediately receive a confirmation text (please email me if you do not!). To opt out you would text STOP to that same number and you will automatically be unsubscribed. It’s so easy, so why not try it out for a couple of week and see if having a Director of Mental Training Optimism Coach in your corner doesn’t make you happier, healthier, and more successful. Read the research, optimism works!

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