Get Better Results

renjith_krishnanAre you looking to get better results? Is time management an issue for you? Design your life around this mantra and soon enough time will be on your side again:

Eliminate, Delegate, and Automate.


1. Eliminate

This may appear to be the simplest of the three, but in fact it takes work to eliminate what is not working in your life. It simply means DON’T DO IT! I believe at leat 50% of what is on your list doesn’t need to get done. You get caught up in justifying your existence by checking more things off your to do list every day. Dump everything and anything you can. Be brutal with this. Try this week to dump at least 20% of the projects you currently have in your life that aren’t part of the high-payoff activities.

2. Delegate

Take my advice, delegating helps you become more focused. Being strategic about time management allows you to work on the 20% high payoff activities to get 80% of the results. You must delegate everything but your brilliance. Yes, everything. Rather than forcing yourself to be good at accounting and the computer and social media, find someone to handle those things. Not organized? Find someone whose brilliance is organizing. If cost is a concern, share an assistant with another business owner, use a virtual assistant, or trade your skills with each other. However, delegate does not mean dump. That means explain what you want done so that everyone will know what is expected. So many times I hear employees tell me they know what the boss wants or expects! The boss is always running out the door while “delegating” a project. “You have to inspect what you expect”

3. Automate

In this world of ever-changing technology, it’s vital for you to start using automation. Once you’ve eliminated everything you can, and once you’ve delegated everything you can, it’s time to improve your systems so you computer does some work for you. Search the web for companies who provide web-based automated services. There are lists of reason why to automate tasks, especially if you are a sole proprietor. One of the most valuable things you do is stay in contact with your customers and clients. Wouldn’t it feel good to know that while you were in a meeting or on vacation your business was still connecting with the world. Automate…Automate…Automate.

Remember the power of focus, if you really use these three techniques it will change how you work and live. It’s all about making choices on how you spend your time. Spend it wisely, and you’ll be successful for a long, long time. Spend it poorly, and …(you know the rest).