The power of the butterfly brings to us is akin to the air. It is the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it. It is the art of the transformation. butterflytransformation

To use the Monarch butterfly cycle as an example its life begins at the egg stage, which is the beginning of all things? This is the stage at which an idea is born, but has not yet become a reality. The larva stage is the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world. Then this colorful caterpillar creates a hard protective case around themselves which involves “going within”: doing or developing your project, idea, or aspect of personality. And when ready transform into a beautifully colored, black-orange-and-white butterfly. The final stage of transformation is leaving of the chrysalis and birth and then sharing their (gift) beauty with all of us. Is there a need for change in your life that you are not recognizing? Do you have a gift to share with the world? I know you do!

Always transforming, isn’t that why God put us on this earth? We get to transform and develop into amazing people and live our lives to the fullest. This could mean a possible need for freedom, for a vacation, new business or job.

You may believe that change is too difficult, and you may rule it out to preserve the comfort of old habits. But in ruling out any possibility of change, you’re saying that the courage of Butterfly has been lost. Why does a butterfly represent courage? Because there is a totally different world outside the cocoon, where the known realities of the chrysalis are no longer applicable.

When you understand where you are in your transformation you can use your newfound wings – and fly! Is there a need for change in your life that you are not recognizing?
Blessings, Sandy

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