What makes a person shine? That is what Dr. Edward Hallowell is attempting to answer in his book, Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People.

Geared towards managers, this book attempts to answer the question: How do you draw the most from your talent? According to Hallowell, it is every managers duty to bring out the best in his or her people. Some believe that managers are becoming obsolete with the rise of “Team Leaders,” but Hallowell believes it is the manager that helps bring out the best in an organizations employees. Some questions he advices managers to consider: What do you do when your most talented employees fall short of their potential? How do you inspire employees to strive for more?


In Shine, Hallowell draws on brain science, performance research, and his own experiences to develop a system to get the best from your people.  Hallowell establishes five steps to igniting peak performance:

  1. Select
  2. Connect
  3. Play
  4. Grapple & Grow
  5. Shine

This book will interest those who like to know the science behind motivation. Shine,  a great tool for all managers seeking to inspire excellence in their teams, has practical guidelines that can be adapted easily.

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