Invest in Social Media

Social media is a great communication tool for reaching new and existing customers. To keep up with the competition and attract more clients, you should consider developing a social media marketing campaign or revise your current plan.

More than half of all small business owners plan on increasing their social networking Social Media ABCpresence in 2013. There are many options when it comes to social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, Manta, etc. Where you decide to spend your energy and resources is up to you, but the fact is you should be devoting time each day to social media. Find the networking outlet that is right for you, create a strategy, get noticed, and build a following.

Take a look at this graphic about the state of the small business in 2013. Some things that stuck out for me:

  • for 88% of small businesses, the owner is the primary marketer
  • 77% of small businesses say that email marketing increased their revenue
  • every $1 spent on email marketing creates $40 in revenue

Obviously the focus of that infographic is on email marketing, but Facebook is another great tool to reach potential clients and keep in touch with existing ones. Sharing information with a big group of people has never been easier. And as this video shows, the world is moving fast…too fast for some. But you have to be willing to invest in new technologies if you want to stay relevant. Facebook reaches millions of people daily. Think about this: the number of years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million was just 2 for Facebook. Compare that to 13 years for TV.

Social media is important and reaches a huge audience, as you can see. And the greatest part is that it is mostly free. So what are you waiting for? Make 2013 the year you throw your hat into the social media market.

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