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Often when talking to a friend or client they will comment that they are busy. They are frustrated that there are not more hours in the day. Instead of wishing for more hours, because we would inevitably fill those up, I will suggest that they should have just said no to one thing or another…and they look at me like I’ve committed a crime!┬áThat word, NO, seems to be harder and harder to say these days. We pile on work, school function, children’s appointments, yoga, and the list goes on and on. All of this over-committing seems to do is make for employees that are overworked, unhappy, unfocused, and exhausted. I hear this a lot in coaching. How can we manage our time better so that we only say yes to the things that will make us happier people?


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I read an article in Inc. recently about Rules For Success and it was very much in line with our Focus 2012 theme. It resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you. According to Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger and Twitter,

Rule #1: Do Less.

Pretty simple, right? Just do less. To be more successful, you have to learn to focus on one thing, one problem at a time. Remember the old adage: the rabbit that chases two carrots catches neither. It’s true! If we are running around chasing so many projects and commitments, certainly we are not giving 100% to any of them. However, if you focus your energy on one task and see that through to completion, chances are you will get it done quicker and with more success. Williams advises, “When you’re obsessing about one thing, you can reach insights about how to solve hard problems.” When we are deliberate about our tasks and problems and stay focused, we are able to achieve so much more in our days.

Try to be deliberate with your YES answers and consider trying the word NO. Tell us how it goes.

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