Focus on a Plan

Whether you are starting a new project or continuing to flourish in your chosen career, to be successful in life you must have systems in place. One of the systems we rely on is a 4 month growth chart. We decide where we’d like to be in four months, and then (this is where the growth chart comes in handy) we make a plan on how to get there. It’s that simple…right?! The problem is in the execution. The fun part is thinking about where you would like to be, or how far along in a project you’d like to be, but making a plan and taking action is often difficult.

You must plan for success. No plan is a plan to fail.


4 Month Focus ChartSuccess starts with a plan. To ensure everything runs smoothly, plan ahead. Give yourself a time frame, know how much is in the budget, who will be involved, is research needed, will there be deliverables, what materials are need, and the due date or desired end date. With this information you can set a realistic schedule and be in charge of your plan for success.

Sandy created this chart and uses it regularly. We want to provide you with a free blank one to use at work or home, which you can download here: 4 Month Growth Chart. Try it and see if it leads towards success. Let us know how it goes!

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