Focus 2013

I have chosen a theme for this year: Focus 2013. Sometimes we all lose focus, I know I do. I think this is especially true after the holidays, did this holiday season seem more rushed to you? But more often than not, something simple can put us on the right path. That is why I am dedicating January to focusing on FOCUS.


Last night I had the pleasure to speak about this at the meetup event in Scarborough, Maine. There were so many people there, it was great to see so many familiar faces. For me speaking is one of my favorite things. I am passionate about what I do and excited when I get to share even a little bit of that. What I told everyone was:


Be deliberate, not distracted.


How often do you say you are going to quickly check your email, but then find yourself 3 hours later in the exact same spot. Same goes for facebook, twitter, youtube, etc…they are often a time trap. All of the ways we connect with the world are amazing, but they also leave us feeling a bit, or a lot, distracted during our days.

Here are some things I have done to make my days more deliberate and less distracted:

  1. Put my phone on vibrate so that I am not distracted by the ring (or ding in my case!).
  2. Have only one window open at a time on my computer (my client relations coordinator, Brandie, is trying to work on this too!).
  3. Start every day with a task list. Work off of that task list first before moving onto something else.
  4. Say no when I am over-committed.
  5. I consume information more consciously, paying just as much attention to what is going into my brain as I do what is going into my mouth!

I read this recently, and read the blog often, and like what it has to say about information overload and the Information Diet. Check it out and tell me what you think. Do you agree? Do we need to go on an information diet?

So won’t you join me on this quest to be more deliberate in 2013? Imagine how much better off we will be in one year!

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