Here if You Need Me


My take on Book Spine Poetry. Do you spy Here If You Need Me? You can see the poem on our facebook page!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Braestrup, author of Here If You Need Me: A True Story, years ago, and only in passing. She was wearing this fabulous pair of mittens that she had knit and then lined with pieces of an old cashmere sweater. I love hand knits, I love mittens, and I love cashmere sweaters, so I had to ask her about them. We started talking and she told me about the book she wrote. I immediately went to the library and checked it out. I also love memoirs, truth be told, and I couldn’t put Braestrup’s words down. Here if You Need Me is a well-written, inspiring, humorous, and insightful.

Kate Braestrup is one of the first chaplains ever appointed to the Maine Warden Service. Before her work with the warden service, she was a mother of four married to a Maine State trooper, Drew Griffith. She considered herself a writer and mother, having published a book in the 90s. It was actually Drew’s plans to go to school to become a Unitarian minister, but Drew was killed in a car accident while on duty in 1996. Kate, newly widowed, decided to pursue Drew’s dream and becomes a Unitarian minister. This book is a testament to the human spirit…to the fact that we all face adversity, but it is how we go forward that determines our character. I heard a quote this morning that really stuck with me throughout the day. It went something like this: The best situations come from making the best of a situation. How true that is.

We love our business books, but sometimes a good ol’ memoir is in order. Reading is one of our favorite past-times for getting through the cold winter months. What are you currently reading?

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