Reflections on 2012

Goodbye 2012…and hello 2013!


New year 2013

It seems that January is a good time to look forward to the year ahead and set goals, but I think it is also a time to look back and reflect on the year that just passed. I spent New Years day thinking about what I valued about 2012: what made me grateful, what lessons did I learn, what made me completely happy, what challenged me, and what did I learned. I wrote some of these things down. I thought I would share one with you:


One of my lessons from 2012 was building strength.


One thing that I realized is that I became stronger, both mentally and physically, in 2012. The only way to become stronger at anything you attempt is to become focused and practice all the time. I worked at this throughout 2012, and though I still have work to do on my mind and body, I am much better off than I was a year ago. That is something to be thankful for! I accomplished physical fitness by doing yoga regularly, by taking walks, and I worked on my mental agility by reading as often as I could. I knew a woman who worked the newspaper puzzles every singe day because she said, “If you don’t use it, you loose it.” I carry that with me. She was in her late 60s, was brilliant in my opinion, and worked hard at maintaining her mental fitness. I plan to do that, someday….

Becoming fit gives you confidence, whether it is in how toned your muscles are, or how it feels to walk up stairs without losing your breath, or being able to do the crossword pencil with a pen, or how playing with the Grand-kids no long exhausts you. I am realistic with myself and my abilities when I set goals. You should be realistic too! I do not expect to be able to bench press 225 pounds when I am 85 years old or run four miles a day right now. However, I do expect myself to put forth the maximum effort all the time so that no matter my age, 35, 45, 55 or 85, I am in the best possible shape, mentally and physically, that I can be.

This strength carries through to my business. I need to be both physically fit and mentally sharp to put forth my best effort every day in my business. This is important to me, and is something I plan to continue to work on in 2013.

What is one of your 2013 resolutions?

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