Take Flight in 2013

Taking flight in 2013…

As you are planning for 2013, your business will find itself facing questions concerning the social impact of your business and brand. Below are 7 trends to be aware of when taking off with your marketing plan in 2013.

7 Top Trends

1. Social Media – have a plan.

2. Consumers are the marketers – engage your audience.

3. Move past the “like” – to recommendations on FB.

4. Marketing is key – no longer are they just departments.

5. Social Media impacts infrastructure – communication in the workforce is changing.

6. Video Marketing – it’s a must have.

7. SEO shifts – to organically growing your awareness online.

Having an online presence is expected in today’s marketplace, but companies also need to be aware of consumers’ reactions to their online presence.  Reputation management will grow as a crucial part of using social media platforms.  Companies need to know what is being said about the company and the brand by others.  You will need to be a part of the conversation, actively listening to critiques and comments, and willing to respond and make changes when necessary.

In doing so, you will need to shift your focus to implementing positive messaging strategies that assure consumers that the company hears and understands their opinions.  To preserve a positive brand image and display a positive brand character, “Do Good” campaigns will become a popular way to make those demonstrations.  The Internet has made transparency unavoidable.

BE BOLD, BE CREATIVE. Ask your customers what can we do for you? They will tell you…


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