Why systems?

We are reading The E Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber. Have you read it yet? If not, please read along with us. The E-Myth came out in 1985 and became an underground bestseller, with over a million copies sold. Then in 1995 Gerber brought out a new book, The E-Myth Revisited, containing new and revised material but with the same powerful message. Today, and for those of you participating in Forum VI, we will be discussing the value of systems.

Michael E. Gerber is a true legend of entrepreneurship.  INC. magazine called him “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru.” In The E-Myth Revisited, Gerber discusses the importance of developing a system for running your business and the processes instrumental for offering your
products or services to your customers with predictable results. Gerber dives into the history of McDonald’s and how Ray Kroc took the McDonald brothers tasty staple and turned it into a billion dollar business mostly because he understood the power of a systematic approach for selling hamburgers. Kroc set in place systems and procedures and methods of operating that guarantee a customer is satisfied, not by individual people, but by the system itself.

Do you have a system in place for your business?

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