Fire Starter Sessions

A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms

Where is your MOJO? I love the word Mojo…it’s a happy word with feeling, don’t you think? Some of you may be thinking about The Austin Powers movies right now, which I thought was wicked funny. Mojo is also Part 1 in the book, The Fire Starter Sessions, which deals with defining yourself on your own terms.

Can you imagine defining yourself on your own terms? Think about that for a moment. I’ll wait.

As a business coach, I see clients struggling with defining LIFE ON THEIR OWN TERMS. They want to know how to get there MOJO back. Years ago Mojo was defined differently. It was a magical charm bag used in hoodoo. Now the word has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem, or sex appeal. Nothing wrong with having a bit of MOJO, right?

Take a look at the following ideas from the book and consider how they apply to your life…to YOUR STORY, today:
1. Are you doing what you love? If what you do doesn’t light you up, you’re not the right person for the job.
2. What would your life be like if you did only what was easy?
3. How do you feel? Knowing how you want to feel is half the journey to liberation.
4. What if you stopped worrying about what others will think of you and just went for it, what would your life look like?
5. Are you focused on the present or the past? Is your past in its place or do you keep telling the story of the past?
6. If your goals are not synced with the substance of your heart, then achieving them won’t matter much.
7. Being true to yourself is not always easy. Maybe that’s why they call it the road less traveled.
8. Failure happens. Sometimes we fail. It’s okay. Failing shows that you actually do something instead of just sitting in your comfort zone

Are you now imagining life when you define yourself on your own terms?

Here’s a little video of some of the great elements of the book:

One of the key points I took away from LaPorte was this one seemingly simple statement: I will figure this out. I have been using this statement since first learning it, and it has had such a positive affect on my life. Instead of, “I am stressed!” or “I am busy!” or “I don’t know what to do!” try instead to say, I will figure this out.

The way this book is presented is one of the best parts. It is really engaging. There is good content. You feel like LaPorte is speaking right to you. It’s a book I highly recommend! You can actually read the first chapter of the book from her website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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