We wanted to check in with one of our coaching clients, Shelli. The office she works in has been working with a Laser Focus Coach, Sandy Bonney, for 6 months, which means they are half-way through the program. An efficient manager checks in regularly with their staff, so we wanted to practice what we preach and check in with Shelli to see how things are going in the office after these 6 months of training.

Thank you Shelli! from Sandy Bonney on Vimeo.

Some things Shelli said really stood out for us:

  • “Definitely, our office is more organized.” Meeting regularly with a business coach will give you the tools you need to get organized and stay organized.
  • “Focused deadlines” We like this statement. Not only are you setting deadlines, but you actually have a strategy for completing them.
  • “I appreciate that because it makes my job a little more clear.” Clarity comes from being dedicated to doing the work every single week. This is something that the owner/manager and the staff all work towards. When an employee knows what is expected of them, they are happier. It’s that simple!

We hope to bring you more Conversations with Clients in the future. Email us if you would like to be one of them!

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