Game On World

Are you embracing social media with open arms? We know that one of the ways to connect with our customers and clients is through social media. It has to be part of the way we do business. We have to go beyond our exceptional first class customer service, coaching, and trainings.

Yesterday I got to meet Betsy and Debra from Mindset Digital. They were guest speakers at the Key4Women forum in Freeport, Maine. These two women conveyed a powerful point: it is now “Game On World.” If you are not embracing the way social media can affect your business positively, you need to find out how. And fast. As I sat there listening and observing, you could see that social media is still the BIG ELEPHANT in the room. The famous saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at time!” is exactly how you need to look at social media. Betsy and Debra said 25% of Americans use Social Media daily but only 8% are emailing. They made it clear how FAST business is moving in today’s world, especially online, and that the “crowd is your brand.” To illustrate just how fast we have moved in this technical world, check out this video that Betsy and Debra showed us (and just guess when it aired?!).

This is a fast world. Are you keeping up? How are you connecting with your customers daily and keeping in touch with your clients? Laser Focus Coaching is training on Oct 11 from 1:00-4:00pm on how to Brand your Business and Profession in a Social World. Go to our events page under Forums for more details.

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