Marketing Your Vision

Personal and Business Branding in a Social World

“Saying stuff may get more attention than doing stuff, at least in the short run. But doing stuff is what makes the world work.” ~ Anonymous

How do you engage your customers and clients in a way that creates a return on your service or product? If that question is hard for you to answer you need this forum, otherwise you are spending money unwisely.

Our goal at this training is to develop strategies focused on:

  • Using technology to your advantage to communicate better with your clients and customers
  • Engaging your audience on your website
  • Branding your concept, and knowing what that really means
  • Basing a budget on your ability to support it
  • Creating a social media campaign

A brand is not what a brand says but what it does. A brand is the essence of what your company promises and delivers. It’s not a logo or a trademark — and definitely is not advertising — despite the claims of ad agencies and brand identity companies to the contrary. Your perception of a brand may be influenced by ads, along with recommendations from friends, or interactions with a company’s employees, but the only thing that truly matters is the real-life experience you have with that company’s services or products. Think of how many brands you know that hardly advertise at all.  Starbucks and Wholefoods are good examples. In each case, what you think about those companies has less to do with their logo or marketing material, and more to do with the personal involvement you’ve had with them. Does your company do a good job at branding your product or service? If not, register today for this valuable forum.

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