Workplace Health


Research suggests that for every $1 invested in health promotion, your company can save between $3 to $5 in health and safety cost, such as medical, absenteeism and workplace accidents.

In today’s business environment, the health of employees is often related to the health of the company. Increased job satisfaction, improved morale, reduced illness and injuries, and increased productivity are just some of the benefits of having healthy employees. Promoting health in your workplace does not have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. Any organization, large or small, can promote healthy eating and active living in the workplace. Here are some suggestions:

Healthy Eating

  • For breakfast meetings, instead of serving donuts, large muffins, cookies, tea and coffee with cream and sugar, offer healthier alternatives such as bagels, small muffins, fresh fruit, water, 100% fruit juice and milk with coffee and tea.
  • For lunch meetings, avoid serving chips, fried foods, rich pastas, and salads loaded with dressing. Instead, offer sandwiches, bagels, whole grain low fat crackers and cheese, 100 % fruit juice, water, salads with dressing on the side, vegetable and fruit trays.
  • Reimburse employees for items purchased to improve their health (e.g. healthy eating cookbooks, consultation with a Registered Dietitian).
  • Arrange for the cafeteria or food vendors to offer healthy food choices.
  • Arrange to have healthy choices like bottled water, 100% fruit juice, fruit bars, and raisins available in vending machines.
  • Provide a means for people to share healthy recipes with each other (for example, posting recipes on the Intranet, on posters or by e-mail).

Keeping It Fresh!
Find a champion to:

  • Organize lunch ’n learn sessions to provide information and motivation for healthy eating and active living.
  • Invite demonstrators to provide cooking lessons or tips for making healthy foods.
  • Post a rotating list in a common room of local restaurants that offer healthy food choices on their menus.
  • Distribute information to educate employees on portion sizes.
  • Include physical activity and nutrition information in newsletters, pay check inserts, bulletin boards or e-mails.
  • Plan activities that promote healthy eating and physical activity. For example, start a year-round lunch-time walking club, and special activities during the calendar year. Nutrition Month (March), Summer Active (May to June), and Workplace Wellness Week (October).

We all at Laser Focus Coaching take stretch breaks throughout the day that pop up on our computers, we exchange healthy recipes, bring food to share such as almonds, pieces of dark chocolate, trail mix and drink Kangen water. ~Think healthy and you will be healthy!

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