Strategic Planning Today

Throughout our lives and in business we plan and strategize to win.

This is certainly true for families. Working Moms and Dads plan who is going to get the kids up, who is going to take the kids to sports practice, doctor appointments, and who is going to cook dinner. The list is endless. A plan has to be thought out in advance to win a work-life balance in their lives.UMaine

This week we took our youngest daughter to visit a college she is considering.  A couple of months ago we got information in the mail that a college visit event took place in August. She wanted to go so my husband and I got out our calendars and scheduled the day off and our daughter scheduled her time off from work. Last week she told her marching band director that she would be arriving late for practice. As a section leader she then had to coordinate with another section leader to get the materials she was responsible to that person. A couple of days prior to leaving she printed out the schedule of events from the college so we all could decide what we wanted to attend. All of this preparation ensured us a win for the day.

Athletes also prepare their strategies in order to win the game. The leader of the team plans out what action a player must take each moment of the game. Every move is calculated. Performance of the athlete depends upon such strategic moves.

Most business ventures are based upon strategy as well.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

  • Realistic goals are set up
  • Targets will be achieved
  • Maximized profits
  • Invested money is not wasted
  • Ensure a win over opponents
  • Ability to cope with tough competition
  • Better utilization of resources

Without a strategic plan, your business will:

  • Lack flexibility
  • Not achieve set goals
  • Speculate rather than plan
  • Fail in a risky and fluctuating market
  • Miscalculate your competition

Working with Laser Focus Coaching and defining your strategy will minimize these disadvantages and optimize the advantages. Once you create a working strategy, you will understand how essential it is to follow a course of action. Strategies lay out guidelines and action plans to attain desired results. Without planning you cannot be successful in life or in business. Do you have a strategy? Is it written down?



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