What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?



Recently I hosted a seminar with a client who founded the Positivity Institute in Falmouth, Maine. She guided the audience to understand how words and thoughts can change your attitude. If your words are negative, then negative it will be. If your words are positive, then positive it will be. Plain and simple.

As a business coach one of the qualifications of working with us is we ask you to start your story as if you were living the life you have always imagined. I have been writing and journaling since 1999 and have never stopped. I make a decision every morning with my story of exactly what I see for my day or what I was able to learn or experience the day before. One of our guest really struggled with writing her story. She had had a bad experience in her life that seemed to be a story that was crippling to her to move forward with anything positive. I stayed with her so she could share her story and her concern of her struggles at that moment. I felt she had a story to share…

Yesterday I came across an article title, “What to ask the person in the mirror” by Robert Steven Kaplan, a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School. What was so powerful to me is that a man from Harvard Business School of management knows the power of writing stories. Kaplan says,

You can’t stop these stories from echoing in your mind.  However, you can increase your awareness of these stories. You can put them in context and work to make sure you do not become a prisoner of these narratives.

If you had clarity, would your life be different? ~Sandy

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