Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

This month we are focusing on marketing. More specifically, we are looking at online marketing and social media. Every single day we are bombarded with ads, news, events, brands, products, services. It’s not only overwhelming to the consumer, but as a business owner or managing director of a company, how do you get noticed? How do you prevent your product from being lost in the shuffle?

We are currently reading Permission Marketing, Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers, by Seth Godin, a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Godin is author of ten bestselling books, and he is also a renowned speaker. Permission marketing is a term popularized by Godin, used in marketing in general and e-marketing specifically. In this book, he describes the four tests of permission marketing and shows you how to offer consumers incentives to accept advertising products and services. We found it to be very helpful when setting up our own marketing plan. Although some of information is a bit outdated (few use AOL or AltaVista and Yahoo! has been replaced by Google), online marketing is very prevalent. This book is still very relevant and has helped many become better marketers.

Follow along with us this month as we look at some ways to set up your online marketing. Do you have any favorite tips or tricks?

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