Eat the Rainbow

Got the blues? No, not your mood…your food? In a society where we love our mono-chromatic diet of bread and pasta, it’s more important than ever that we get adequate color into our diet. According to Susan Bowerman, coauthor of What Color is Your Diet?, Americans typically choose this beige and white diet due to taste, cost, and convenience. However, these foods are high in sugar and carbs, so while they may taste good now, you will pay for eating a diet based on this color later. The authors of the book determine there are 7 Colors of Health food. According to Heber, the varied colors in fruits and vegetables indicate “specific beneficial substances that help to prevent the common diseases that affect many of us as we get older.” So add more color to each of your meals. Try to eat the Rainbow of food colors every single day.

If you need help, I found this great chart that helps explain different food colors and their benefits.