Effective Leadership

Are You An Effective Leader?

I recently read this article, The Worst Team-Building Experience You’ve Ever Had. It immediately made me think about my own team building experiences and how it makes all the difference to have an effective leader. Leading starts with the LEADER! We believe if the lead manager or owner doesn’t participate, why bother with team building. Here are some things we think are important for team-building training:

  • Leaders ask. If you are a leader, make sure that you ask questions about what would work for everyone on your team.
  • If there are different personalities, you may need to offer a few training sessions to meet everyone’s needs and to make it most beneficial to the team.
  • Listen! Once you ask your team, make sure you show them you are listening by taking action.

Our clients know about being great leaders and how successful team building training  should be conducted. Message me if you would like more information.